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who world report on ageing and health - comprehensive public health action on population ageing is urgently needed this will require fundamental shifts not just in the things we do but in how we think about ageing itself the world report on ageing and health outlines a framework for action to foster healthy ageing built around the new, world health organization wikipedia - the world health organization who is a specialized agency of the united nations that is concerned with international public health it was established on 7 april 1948 and is headquartered in geneva switzerland the who is a member of the united nations development group its predecessor the health organization was an agency of the league of nations, china country assessment report on ageing and health - iv china country assessment report on ageing and health acknowledgements this report was developed under the direction of john beard islene araujo de carvalho martin taylor and anjana bhushan of the world health organization, ageing and life course who world health organization - populations around the world are rapidly ageing ageing presents both challenges and opportunities it will increase demand for primary health care and long term care require a larger and better trained workforce and intensify the need for environments to be made more age friendly, world population ageing 1950 2050 united nations - this report was prepared by the population division as a contribution to the 2002 world assembly on ageing and its follow up the report provides a description of global trends in population