The Canmores Kings And Queens Of The Scots 1040 1290 -

edmund of scotland wikipedia - edmund or etmond mac ma l coluim c 1070 after 1097 was a son of malcolm iii of scotland and his second wife margaret of wessex he may be found on some lists of scottish kings but there is no evidence that he was king although edmund was probably malcolm and margaret s second son he was passed over in subsequent successions as a result of betraying his siblings by siding with their, ada de warenne wikipedia - ada de warenne or adeline de varenne c 1120 1178 was a scottish princess the anglo norman wife of henry of scotland earl of northumbria and earl of huntingdon she was the daughter of william de warenne 2nd earl of surrey by elizabeth of vermandois and a great granddaughter of henry i of france she became mother to two kings of scots malcolm the maiden and william the lion