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history of the peloponnesian war wikipedia - the history of the peloponnesian war greek histories is a historical account of the peloponnesian war 431 404 bc which was fought between the peloponnesian league led by sparta and the delian league led by athens it was written by thucydides an athenian historian who also happened to serve as an athenian general during the war, ancient greece persian peloponnesian spartan greek wars - the first persian war after the ionian revolt ended darius decided to expand his empire s territories in 493 bc the persians defeated the remains of the ionian revolt, 10 interesting facts about the peloponnesian war - 7 sicilian expedition was a disaster for athens and turned the tide in sparta s favor in 415 bc athens sent a massive expeditionary force to sicily when one of its allies was attacked by syracuse the most powerful state in the region the peloponnesian league kept sending reinforcements to sicily, timeline 4000 301 bc military history - 4000 b c 3000 b c 2000 b c c 1275 b c battle of kadesh 1000 b c 580 b c pentathlus expedition to sicily of c 580 was probably one of the first clashes between the greeks and the phoenician inhabitants of western sicily and ended with a victory for the phoenicians and their local allies 525 b c the persian conquest of egypt of 525 bc saw cambyses ii of persia conquer the fourth, greek city states crystalinks - the rise of hellas in the 8th century bc greece began to emerge from the dark ages which followed the fall of the mycenaean civilization literacy had been lost and the mycenaean script forgotten but the greeks adapted the phoenician alphabet to greek and from about 800 bc a written record begins to appear, ancient greek civilization classical greek civilization - classical greek civilization the persian wars between 500 and 386 bc persia was for the policy making classes in the largest greek states a constant preoccupation it is not known however how far down the social scale this preoccupation extended in reality, sparta ancient history encyclopedia - establishing regional dominance sparta was located in the fertile eurotas valley of laconia in the southeast peloponnese the area was first settled in the neolithic period and an important settlement developed in the bronze age archaeological evidence however suggests that sparta itself was a new settlement created from the 10th century bce, chronological history of greece in the vth and ivth - 479 new offensive of the persian army left behind under the command of mardonius it retakes athens once again deserted by its inhabitants herodotus ix 1 3 the athenians decide the spartan to intervine and an army placed under the command of pausanias son of one of the kings of sparta is sent against mardonius, amazon com the western heritage volume 2 plus new - donald kagan is sterling professor of history and classics at yale university where he has taught since 1969 he received the a b degree in history from brooklyn college the m a in classics from brown university and the ph d in history from ohio state university, ancient greek civilization the 4th century britannica com - the 4th century to the king s peace 386 bce dionysius i of syracuse dionysius i of syracuse c 430 367 can be seen as a transitional figure between the 5th century and the 4th and indeed between classical and hellenistic greece his career began in 405 after the seven troubled years in sicily that followed the athenian surrender in 413 for most of this period there was war with, ancient greece new world encyclopedia - ancient greece is the period in greek history that lasted for around one thousand years and ended with the rise of christianity it is considered by most historians to be the foundational culture of western civilization greek culture was a powerful influence in the roman empire which carried a version of it to many parts of europe the civilization of the ancient greeks has been immensely, loeb classical library harvard university press - this selection of lapidary nuggets drawn from 33 of antiquity s major authors includes poetry dialogue philosophical writing history descriptive reporting satire and fiction giving a glimpse at the wide range of arts and sciences thought and styles of greco roman culture, rory gilmore reading challenge it s time to read - thank you for all the comments on this page this is a collection of books mentioned or read on gilmore girls some of them might have been films instead of the books themselves but i see no problem in reading them either, commentary on the apology of socrates friesian school - it was one of the rules which above all others made doctor franklin the most amiable of men in society never to contradict anybody if he was urged to announce an opinion he did it rather by asking questions as if for information or by suggesting doubts